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    Default Richa Chaddha's finances in place thanks to new projects

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    Post "Gangs Of Wasseypur", the going is great for Richa Chadda - the actress is not only getting praise, but new offers are pouring in too. She has signed quite a few films and says these projects are financially so viable that they will take care of her finances till 2013.

    "I have this film with Mira Nair. Then I am also doing a film called 'Tamenchey' which is being shot right now. It is nearly completed, it is very commercial and it is really nice. I have also signed a very big film, but I can't talk about it. All I can say is that it's a drama and it's with one of the biggest directors of the country. I signed it just yesterday," Richa told us.

    "The film which I have signed, will take care of me for the whole of 2013 financially. They have offered me so much, more than what I got for '...Wasseypur'," she added.

    Seen as Nagma Khatoon in the gang war drama, she says it was fun playing her character.

    "It was all acting. I am not at all feisty in real life. In a way you are lying and creating something and it is always fun to do that," she said.

    First seen in "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!", Richa is overwhelmed by the response she has got for "Gangs Of Wasseypur".

    "My phone has not stopped ringing since then. In an hour I get about 10 calls. I am very happy. I got a lot of compliments and all the reviews were very positive. Some of the big names in the industry like Mira Nair, Zoya Akhtar, Vishal Bharadwaj and Dibakar Banerjee made efforts to call me. I was overwhelmed because I am relatively new," the actress said.

    This kind of success was beyond her imagination.

    "I knew that the film will commercially work but the kind of response which I got, I never expected it. It changed my life and I had never realised that one Friday can change your life.

    "On Thursday when I slept I had some 400 followers on Twitter and now there are 1,500 followers," she said.

    "It's done so well. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh is still houseful, it's a big achievement for us. It's doing so well in Kerela, I was so surprised. They are able to understand the dialect and are enjoying it," she added.



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