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    Default RGV takes indirect dig at Shahrukh and his kids

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    Controversy’s favourite child, filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma is in news again. We just don’t know what will happen to Ram Gopal Varma in near future if he keeps taking digs at the biggies in town this way!

    Every time he keeps taking Panga with one or the other celeb around. His fight with Karan Johar is known to all, and of lately, he was even seen annoying Amitabh Bachchan with his rather sarcastic tweets about the legendary actor on the social networking sites.
    Now the RGV’s current target is the actor Shahrukh Khan.

    Everyone has known SRK’s dedicated and love towards his kids Aaryan and Suhana.Despite being the tinsel town’s actor or the Baadshah, Shahrukh is very friendly and a nice father.

    But SRK’s this fatherly mindset hasn’t gone well with RGV. RGV not directly insulted SRK on twitter. He tweeted, “If all kids are so innocent nd have lovely hearts how come most of them grow up to become bastards?” RGV said this on twitter after SRK published, “Missing my lil boy and girl….they’ve such small beautiful hands….and such big lovely hearts (sic).”

    One wonders if it’s RGV who’s behaving so ignorantly or some prankster is using his name to target the celebs. But we are sure of one thing that after reading this post Shahrukh would surely not be pleased!



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