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    Default Reward announced for Missing Hrishita Bhatt !!!

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    Director Devang Dholkia and producer Sunil Pathare has announce a travel package of "3 nights 4 days" for the person who can spot Hrishita Bhatt and click her picture and give them.

    As they have been trying to reach her, but it has all been in vain; as their film "3 nights 4 days" is due for a release, but Hrishita is missing and not contactable, and no one knows where she is.

    Director and producer and the unit members have left messages, calls, been to her house but there has been no response at all. Her phones are not reachable says Devang.

    They are keen on knowing where she is, and why is she not contactable. If there is someone from the industry who knows and can led them to her, they will give this package to them.
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