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    Default REVIEW: Tum Mile fails to impress

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    If you have been watching the promos of Tum Mile it's pretty clear what to expect. The movie opens with two long lost lovers bumping into each other on board a flight. Immediately the plot moves six years back to the time they first met. What follows is a predictable, 'poor boy meets rich girl' romance. The two decide to move in together and boom! That's where the problems begin. Ego issues similar to the ones we saw between Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta in KANK, begin to crop up. Hey, wait a minute, where's the rain you might ask!

    It keeps coming and going more as a transitional element - as the story oscillates between past and present. On their way home from the airport, the estranged couple get stuck in the terrible Mumbai floods only to rediscover their love for each other.

    The basic problem with Tum Mile lies with its much-too-long flashback. Now this was never meant to be a disaster adventure film. But the romantic angle in the flashback is filled with the most done-to-death sequences. Predictability is not an issue with our audiences, as it has been more than proved by the success of last week's ...Ghazab Kahani. But here, even the conventional sequences have been directed in a very languid fashion. For the sake of being subtle the movie ends up being a bit too slow.

    The interval point, however, with Soha getting locked in a flooding car, raises expectations for the second half. And this, admittedly, is the better half of the movie. But just when the viewer is getting ready for some rain, another flashback puts brakes on the story.

    Had the makers trimmed the flashback and given us more of their meeting in the rain, it would have been a better watch. Emraan and Soha find each other a bit too easily in the floods and the remaining part is spent in a bus where they take shelter. To add some drama there is the usual emotional manipulation with a few junior artistes surviving the flood and some others succumbing to death. But on the whole the 26/7 sequences have been very well shot by Bollywood standards even though some scenes remind you of Godzilla and other Hollywood disaster flicks.

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