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    Default ✿ Revealed: The secret of Katrina's Hot figure ✿

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    Katrina Kaif has been looking fitter and gorgeous these days. Well we bring out the secret of her slim and trim figure. It’s none other than her personal dietician who takes special care of what Kat is eating.

    Our khabroo revealed that, “For Kat her dietician has given a strict diet chart where she is restricted to eat oily and masala food.”

    “She eats more leafy stuff in the form of salad with boiled vegetables and a pinch of salt. No starch food for her. The actress doesn’t get much time to go to the gym, so she has to keep a close tab on her diet, ” adds the source.

    This special khana is sent to her by her dietician who sends her the food whenever Kat is dubbing or shooting in India.

    Well so now you know what it takes to get a figure like Kat


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    thanks alot for sharing!



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