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    Default New releases are dull, TNLG overpowers JODI BREAKERS!

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    This week's three new releases, LONDON PARIS NEW YORK, PAAN SINGH TOMAR and WILL YOU MARRY ME? went the expected way and failed to achieve anything significant on the opening day. Just as we had predicted in our box-office report, the front runner was Ali Zafar's LONDON PARIS NEW YORK which opened to around 20 percent collections followed by PAAN SINGH TOMAR with 10-15 percent, while the third release, WILL YOU MARRY ME?, fared the worst.

    As per early reports, the word of mouth for PAAN SINGH TOMAR is good and there are chances that this hard-hitting biopic may see a turnaround in its fortunes. As for Ali Zafar's LONDON PARIS NEW YORK, it has appealed to a small section of the multiplex frequenting audience at the 'A' centres, and the collections may well grow over the weekend. The Aditya Dutt directed WILL YOU MARRY ME? was dead on arrival and has little hopes of survival. Even the presence of stars like Rajeev Khandelwal and Shreyas Talpade too could not help the cause of this multi-starrer.



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