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    Default I regret being unambitious earlier: Chitrangada

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    Chitrangda Singh on movies, marriage and her mentor.

    You play a victim of sexual harassment at workplace in your upcoming film, Inkaar. Have you faced it in the industry?

    I haven't. I'm not saying that nobody looked at me lecherously or hugged me in that way. Of course they do, but that can happen even at family functions. In Bollywood, nobody forces you; it is the choice you make.

    Tell us about your character Maya.

    She is totally grey, like all of us are in real life. She thinks it is her right as much as a man's to be ambitious. Sometimes, she manipulates because that is what everybody around her is doing. And then, there is the sexual harassment case that she files against the man she loved.

    There seems to be a lot of explicit content in the film. Any embarrassing moment? There was some awkwardness. You cannot disconnect with your self or your body completely. During intimate scenes, everybody on the set would give instructions like hand here, body there, we need to see the neck part... I would feel a bit awkward and suddenly, Arjun would crack some joke. It was very sensitive of him to lighten the moment.

    How was it working with Arjun?

    He is a wicked guy (laughs) with a wicked sense of humour. The best thing about him is that he is so real, there is no pretence. It takes a while to understand him, but he is a wonderful guy.

    You are one of the few actresses who got into movies after marriage.

    For me, that is the way it happened; I don't know any other way. Cinema is a great place where you are valued for your talent and the audience is the boss. You work if they connect with you, not because you are married or single, hot or not... nothing matters.

    You were talked about post the release of Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, but you disappeared for about four years. Do you regret it?

    Looking back, I regret it. But I can't tell you how unambitious I was. I felt if I go to Mumbai, I will have to take up a place, go to offices, meet people...I was not ready for so much work. I was too keen on travelling across the world and doing other things, though I missed movies and acting. I feel happy that I gave time to my family; I am feeling more settled, focussed and committed now. If I had come back earlier, I would have felt torn emotionally. Now, I am sure this is what I want to do.

    Your husband Jyoti Randhawa is a sportsman who lives in Delhi and you are spending a lot of time in do you both deal with insecurities?

    Thank God that he is not from the same industry. There is no insecurity. I have known Jyoti for so many years. We have grown up together. Friendship is a big thing in any relationship and we have that in place, which helps me face a lot of challenges.

    It is said that your mentor Sudhir Mishra is obsessed with you. How do you deal with the situation at home?

    Sudhir is like my guru. There is so much respect for him; I am grateful for whatever he has done for me. People like to give names to relationships, but I would call it friendship. No matter what the headlines scream, I will continue working with Sudhir. In fact, Sudhir has come home and we have had meals together.

    You live alone in Mumbai. Do you feel safe?

    I feel a lot safer here than in Delhi. Mumbai gives you a lot of independence, too.

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