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    Default Ravi Chopra in financial trouble

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    The iconic Chopra family seems to be in trouble with the recent High Court ruling. In fact Ravi Chopra, son of legendary filmmaker late B. R. Chopra, could lose all his properties, including family home B. R. House, if he fails to clear his debts of Rs. 32 crore by April next year.

    Chopra, who is now 66 and ailing, owes the money to 26 creditors of B. R. Films and B. R. TV, to the tune of approximately Rs. 32 crores. The Bombay High Court in a recent order has listed seven family properties to be sold to pay off the debt if the family misses the April deadline in 2013.

    Among the properties that have been listed from B. R. House are two bungalows in Khar, a set of apartments on Juhu Tara Road; an apartment in Worli; and a plot of land in Raigad district. However, the High court made it clear that iconic B. R. House must be put on the block only if the sale of all other properties fails to generate the required funds.



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