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    Default Rapid fire with Akshay-Aishwarya

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    What is Aishwarya’s best quality and most annoying quality?
    Akshay: She is a happy go lucky person full of positive energy. She takes too much time to dress up like any other actress.

    What is Akshay’s best quality and most annoying quality?
    Ash: He is very friendly and helpful. I don’t think he annoys me.

    Have you tasted Akshay’s cooking? How would you rate him as a cook?
    Ash: Yes, he has cooked many times on the sets of Action Replayy and once he made cold soup which I loved. I would rate him 9/10. He is a great cook. Twinkle is lucky.

    What is the one thing about each other that people will be surprised to know?
    Akshay: She can make you laugh I mean for the first time I guess you will see her in full fledged comedy film where she will make you laugh.
    Ash: You will see him for the first time in a different avatar where he will do action and comedy together.

    Fav co-star: Twinkle or Aishwarya
    Akshay: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as co-star and Twinkle is a better housewife.

    Fav co-star: Akshay or Abhishek
    Ash: Both. You can’t ask me to select anyone.

    Who is a better host -Abhishek or Akshay?
    Ash: Papa, I mean Amit ji.

    Amitji aside who is the better host?
    Ash: Both because both have hosted different shows and they were brilliant individually.

    In which have you loved Akshay in – Housefull or De Dana Dan?
    Ash: I am sorry but I haven’t watched any of them. But I loved Bhul Bhoolayiya.

    In which have you loved Ash in – Raavan or Guru?
    Akshay: See she doesn’t watch my films but I have watched both and I think she was brilliant in both as an actress. Guru is my favorite.

    Who is better cook Akshay or Abhishek?
    Ash: I can’t pick anyone. Both are brilliant.

    One special moment of your life that you would like to have replayed?
    Akshay: My days as a kid. I miss those days.
    Ash: The moment I got married. School days are always favourite even mine but I guess my marriage was the most memorable moment.

    A moment that you would like to be completely erased from memory?
    Akshay: There is nothing like that.
    Ash: Memory, incidents, good, bad everything in life teaches us a new lesson so I don’t think I want to erase any memory because that has may have teach me a new thing in my life.
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