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    Default Ranveer's tactic for a perfect shot

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    Ranveer Singh is shooting in Kolkata where he has shot Lootera earlier. Apparently, he came up with a unique idea for a shot.

    A unit source said, "There is a scene in the film that that required him to make some Bengali villagers laugh. But there was a hitch. Ranveer was not familiar with Bengali and the villagers did not know a word of Hindi. This made Ranveer fall in a dilemma but soon came up with a solution."

    The actor then made one of the guys share with him a dirty joke in Bengali. "Thus while shooting the scene Ranveer narrated that joke to the villagers and the job was done. They all broke into peals of laughter and what's more the scene looked completely natural. It was not only the director but also the villagers who looked surprise by Ranveer's tactic of speaking in Bengali."

    Well, Ranveer's certainly got what it takes even if it means adopting some 'unconventional' techniques.



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