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    Default Ranveer Shorey talks of being device wise

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    "Convergence. I first head this word when I was still in school I think. I was on a steady diet of 'Star Trek' for breakfast, 'Fireball XL5' for lunch and 'Giant Robot' for dinner. At the time the first 'home' computer had just about shown up and the thing to do to was take summer classes in computer programming, never mind even if it was the oh-so-made-for-the-housewife, basic. That's about when we were introduced to a future where machines would do everything. Actually they already had started doing everything. But now they would do everything from everywhere. Access to the 'home computer' was limited, more so because my older brothers have no heart. I was told Pac-man could be dangerous. It is. Dangerously addictive, that is. One thing that was all mine was a small Casio keyboard, which incidentally was a gift from one of the older brothers. My first tune? The melody from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

    Television became the VCR, the computer turned into a laptop, telephones into cell phones. The camera and the video games became portable. (Anyone remember the Hot-Shot camera and the twin screen Donkey-Kong?) The technological advances have made it possible to carry more of what you might need with you. And even more of what you don't. Twenty years later, feels a bit like we're using alien technology, so what if the aliens haven't shown up yet. Touch screen have. So has cloud computing, thanks to faster internet speed. But the journey for me has been about 'a', 'one', 'single' device that can carry your life with you. Yes, I'm monogamous. After one and a half decade of sifting through Windows editions and Symbian mobile applications, I finally settled down to Apple. Mainly because of the seamless way their products work with each other. And the apple of my eye among all the electronic products I own, is my souped-up iPhone 3GS. It is the one device I go nowhere without. And it's the o



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