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    Default Rani talks about Aditya Chopra….

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    If you thought Rani Mukherjee was upset about rumors of her link up with Aditya Chopra, well, then you are mistaken. The actress is least bothered about all such rumors around her.

    In a recent interview with Filmfare, she candidly answers to some of the personal questions. Rani gives a damn about getting linked with Aditya Chopra. Says the actress,
    “The good part is that it is constant. I’m glad I’m being linked with just one person not many. I enjoy that ‘constant’.”

    Rani also expressed her views about relationships. “When two people are in a relationship, you have to take the other person’s feelings into consideration. I may want to speak about a relationship, but I won’t if the person I’m in a relationship with is not comfortable with me talking about him,” she said.
    ...being a human...



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