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    Default Rani speaks out!

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    With a petite frame and a million watt smile, Rani Mukherjee knows to charm her audience in real as well as reel life.

    Her recent release might not have rocked the box-office, but she comes up with that million watt smile of hers. It is easy to see that she is happy. Ask her about her disappearing act before her present release, and pat comes the reply, We actors are like vagabonds. We accustom ourselves to the surroundings, and go so deep that we need time to come out. People feel its so simple to make a movie. I like giving my best to a movie I work in. I want my work to speak volumes, and for that I have to give my it my 100 per cent. That is why I was away from the scene.

    While others in the industry describe her as one of the most versatile actresses, Rani wants to surprise everyone every time. I like giving my audience their paisa vasooli. I want to do an action film which will get my adrenaline high, do something I have never done before. I want to do a real Indian martial art film. We have a martial art culture down south and even Punjabi martial art is so interesting. Nobody ever shows that. There are some TV shows where they came with such fighting styles. They really intrigue me, she says.

    What makes her do soft romantic comedies in general? I am a feel good movie freak. Youll see me more in romantic comedies. But now, I want to push myself for more difficult roles. For instance, it was pretty challenging to play a boy. I went through rigorous training to get my act together. And the funniest part is none of the critics have spoken about it, says she. In other words, she has a disappointment in her heart. But, that does not show.

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