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    Default Rani Mukherjee super worried for Yash Chopra

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    Rani Mukherjee’s joy at her performance in her new film Aiyyaa being so well-received was cut short when Yash Chopra was admitted into hospital on Saturday for an attack of dengue fever.

    According to a friend of Rani she was worried sick to see the doyen unwell.

    Says the friend, “Rani cancelled all media events and visits to theatres monitoring audiences’ reaction to Aiyyaa. She spent most of Saturday and Sunday in Lilavati hospital by Mrs Pam Chopra , Aditya and Uday Chopra’s side.”

    Adds the friend, “Rani knows what it’s like to see your father ill in hospital. She has been through it herself. In her perception there was little difference between her own father and Yash Chopra’s hospitalization.”

    Rani’s father has a heart condition, and has been hospitalized at least twice in recent times.

    Says the source, “Rani took charge, as a stream of guests poured in after the news spread on Sunday morning. The family—and that includes Rani—had been asked to keep the news of the hospitalization under wraps.”

    Until Sunday morning close friends were unaware of Yashji’s illness. As the news spread the visitors at Lilavati multiplied in keeping with the ailing doyen’s popularity within the film industry.

    Yashji is expected to be discharged from hospital by Tuesday



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