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    Default Rani Mukherjee -the most gregarious girl in Bollywood

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    Though she was already one by then, the first time I met Rani Mukherjee I couldn’t believe she was a star. Short, and pretty plain, she walked into my good friend Akshay Kumar’s makeup room to say hello. They were both shooting in the same studio on adjoining sets…he for Khiladi 420 and she for Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.

    Akshay and I were having lunch with some friends when the door opened and Rani walked in wearing clothes that depict a typical party sequence in our films and heels so high they looked like stilts!
    Rani being Rani, she shook hands with everyone in the room with a democratic smile and saved a special smile and a hug for the hero in the room. Akshay pulled Rani’s cheeks and they both exchanged warm glances.

    When I met Rani again I reminded her of the incident. She listened with a non committal smile. Obviously she isn’t expected to remember every person she has shaken hands with. Not if she’s Rani Mukherjee, the most gregarious girl in Bollywood.

    Ask anyone out there…they’ll tell you Rani is one helluva friendly gal. Many people find her democratic friendliness a little hard to take and feel she lays herself out too thinly.

    “Make no mistake, Rani is the cleverest girl in showbiz,” observes a senior actor who has been around seen it all enough to be cynical without sounding bitter. “Rani’s mission in life is to be nice to everyone. But of course, she has an inbuilt hierarchy. The ‘nice’ that she extends to Karan Johar would be different from the ‘nice’ that she would be to Raj Kanwar. And the quality of niceness to Amitabh Bachchan cannot hold a candle to its counterpart with Akshay Kumar. ”
    ...being a human...



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