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    Arrow Rani is not a cry baby anymore

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    Rani is not a cry baby anymore
    Cry baby cry! When Baba Ramdev screams at his best that laughter is the best medicine for human health, B-town directors says that rolling tears is the best medicine for increasing the fever of jingling coin at the box office and TRPs on television.

    While the fountain of tears gets attached to innocent and helpless women the product of reactions attain magic.

    But while the same magic reaches Rani Mukherjee and she is asked to create it for the best, the director Kunal Kohli says big no no to tears. Astounding, isnít it? But itís true that Rani, for the first time in her career, will not cry!

    And the all happy Rani will be witnessed in Kunalís forthcoming Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic.

    Rani seems doubly happy with the project as she is all smiling and doing naughty things around with children throughout the film.

    ďI think that was something that really made me do this film in the first place because it was my first film in which I will not be seen crying and for me that's wonderful because I have played so many characters who cry in each and every film, Ē giggles the excited actor.

    Along with Rani all the audience will also be happy saving their sachcha aasun for those saas-bahu serials. And guess who is the most happy with that saving business? Yes, itís the director Kunal. Reason? Well, as Rani smilingly adds, ďKunal Kohli has saved a lot of glycerin in this film.Ē

    Hope, audience will not try saving their currency by avoiding the film. Itís for Ďno-tearsí sake, after all!



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