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    A lot has been said and written about the reason behind Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor’s split. From Ranbir’s ‘friendship’ with Katrina

    Kaif, to Ranbir’s charming ways with women, to Deepika’s possessive nature. One more reason which often made headlines is Ranbir’s mother, Neetu Kapoor’s so-called dislike of Deepika.

    Deepika and Ranbir were in a serious relationship for nearly two years but during that time, she could never come close to Ranbir’s mom. No prizes for guessing that she must have tried several ways to win her over but failed in all her attempts.

    While talking about Deepika, Neetu had said that right then Deepika was just Ranbir’s girlfriend, no more.

    Meanwhile, it was reported that Ranbir and Katrina Kaif, his Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti co-star have got closer.

    However, the latest development in the Kapoor household is a very interesting one and bound to raise eyebrows. Neetu has developed a huge liking for Ranbir’s current squeeze, Katrina. The two ladies get along like a house on fire and think similarly on a host of subjects.

    A source says, “Neetu and Katrina share a very warm relationship. Katrina respects Neetu a lot. On the other hand, Neetu feels that Katrina is a very well-mannered girl.”

    Neetu too confirmed her liking for Katrina. She says, “Yeah. Katrina is a very nice girl. I am very fond of her.” However, when we asked her to say more about her fondness for Katrina, she clammed up.

    Katrina, on the other hand, chose not to comment on her relationship with Neetu Singh. Are you reading this, Deepika?

    Kat’s Kapoor Saga
    Well, Neetu isn’t the first family member to discover the charms of Kat.

    Nor is it her son Ranbir Kapoor. Sources from the unit of Namastey London (2006) say that Rishi Kapoor spent a lot of his shooting time in London chatting with Kat. Chintu found her to be an amiable, sensible sort. Unit hands say that then Rishi also felt that Kat was very much involved with Salman Khan. And he apparently told some unit members that Salman is a lucky guy for having such a nice girl like Katrina as his girlfriend. If the gossip mills are to be believed, equations between Salman and Kat have changed today. However, Chintu still likes Katrina. So, in a way, Ranbir is just endorsing what his father already knew.

    Waqt ke sath inko kya ho jata hai?????????????????



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