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    Default Why is Ranbir Kapoor worried these days?

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    Anjaana Anjaani is set to hit theaters on Sept 24th (next Friday). The promos look fresh as ever and the songs are a feast to the ears. Then what’s worrying Ranbir???

    Well, the buzz is that, Ranbir is hoping for the film’s release to get postponed.
    Reason: The Allahabad High Court will give its verdict on the Babri Masjid land dispute case on 24th Sept . The case is very sensitive and has already sent the UP cops gearing up for tightened security. Ranbir feels it is unfit to release the film on such a day.. He wants the film to release a day later.

    “I don’t wish to celebrate on a day when such a big decision is going to be announced,”
    Ranbir is quoted to have said in a media report.

    However, Ranbir admits that there are too many people involved in the production and distribution of the film and therefore the release may not be postponed.
    ...being a human...



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