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    Default Ranbir Kapoor and Imran are thick friend

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    None of the ego tussle that causes rift between many a celeb in B-Town is to be seen between Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, two thick friends and promising stars.The duo often hang out together after the day’s work and conclude their nights in a crazy way: zig-zagging up and down the smooth streets of Pali Hill on Ranbir’s Segway.

    Since Ranbir and Imran are residents of Pali Hill, they know the area well and could be spotted scooting on the Segway when there’s no one on the streets at night.The twosome shares an incredible camaraderie, the first glimpse of which was seen by everyone when Ranbir and Imran hosted an award show together. Since then, many filmmakers have queued up to sign them together, but Ranbir and Imran are biding their time.
    They understand very well that their pair will be the USP of the film. That’s why they want to team up only in a film that will have an extraordinary appeal.Meanwhile, we’ll have to content in just seeing them having boys’ fun together on the Segway.



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