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    Cool ranbir deepika spat

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    Actors Ranbir and Deepika are one of the happening couple of B-town and so are always under the media microscope. Since few months there have been a lot of buzz about their relationship splitting. Is it really true?

    Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone spatThe two of them started dating each other since they were shooting for their debut film. It was someone from the crew who hooked up both of them and they met for once. After that Ranbir asked Deepika for a coffee date, and both of them did not even realize when coffee date turned to lunch and lunch to dinner. Finally they got into a relationship and have candidly accepted it. So what's wrong now?

    Recently Deepika was seen watching Ghajini with another guy in one of the suburban multiplexes. The two of them rushed in a car to avoid public attention. Does it have something to do with break-up?

    The past records of actress shows that she has dumped three guys before. Is Ranbir the next? But if dumping is all that is making sense then why the two of them had a good celebration time for the New Year in Goa. Not only this Ranbir was there at Deepika's birthday which was a very private affair and just for her he has even given up his habit of smoking. Still does it feel that they will be in splits?

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us Dear.



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