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    Default Rana Daggubati and Nathalia Kaur's steamy pics go viral

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    Rana Daggubati who made his bollywood debut with Dum Maro Dum is currently busy shooting for RGV's "Department". Recently his shirtless picture with Nathalia Kaur has become the talk of the town, after filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma circulated it along with a press release that stated the look was for the South movie, "Andam".

    But soon, buzz started doing the rounds that the pictures were, in fact, a shoot for RGV's upcoming flick, "Department", in which Nathalia sizzles in an item number.

    But there is a twist in the tale. Rana now tells us that the picture is neither from "Andam" nor from "Department", but from a new film altogether, that he may do with RGV.

    When we asked Rana about this now famous shirtless picture, he said, "There was never a film called "Andam". I don't know where that title came from because RGV didn't give it, neither did I. The picture is a look test for an untitled Hindi romantic thriller."

    When we informed the actor that the picture and title was sent out by Ram Gopal himself, Rana repeated his earlier claims, "First thing, there is no movie called "Andam"... it's a look test for a future film. And it's neither a still from "Department".



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