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    Default Ram Gopal Varma announces Bhoot sequel : BHHOOoo

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    Ram Gopal Varma is one filmmaker who never fails to amuse us. After news broke out that Vikram Bhatt would be directing the sequel to Ramu's hit film Bhoot, RGV has gone ahead and announced what he claims to be the real sequel to Bhoot - a spook fest titled BHHOOoo.

    RGV clearly seems to be unhappy with producer Nitin Manmohan not asking him to direct the sequel of Bhoot and this seems to be Ramu's way of getting back. The director tweeted, "Am very excited about this new horror film I am starting..its title is.. "BHHOOoo.!" This will be BHOOT 2."

    Ramu added, "Title BHHOOoo comes from that its the most commonly uttered sound by us as kids when we want to scare the daylights out of anyone. But when that sound BHHOOo we utter as kids is used in a adult horror film context it completely changes in its intention and intensity"

    And like most of his films, RGV has come up with an interesting tagline for this flick too. "BHHOOoo 's tag line is going to be.. ....if 'Bhoot' scared you "BHHOOoo will kill you"

    Hope like Ramu's last few films, BHHOOoo too doesn't scare away audiences from theatres.



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