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    Default Rakhi Sawant giving marriage tips to Kareena

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    Our own item girl known for shooting her mouth off Rakhi Sawant is one person in the industry who doesn’t care about the world. If there is one person in Bollywood who exercises abundantly the right to freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution to all the citizens of India, it has to be Rakhi Sawant!

    Rakhi Sawant, who conducted a Swayamwar to find a groom for herself but later dumped the guy like a hot potato, is now giving marriage tips to none other than Kareena Kapoor. At the Radio Mirchi Awards 2012, Rakhi said: “I love Kareena and I am really happy that Kareena will get readymade kids. No, Kareena! You deserve a better husband! You deserve Shahid Khan.” She was then corrected by the reporters that he is Shahid Kapoor.

    Rakhi said: “Khan, Kapoor, they’re the same na… I am saying it from the very first day that Shahid Kapoor is the best! He is a bachelor and she (Kareena) is a spinster! You know, I like Saif, but his kids are so old!”

    Rakhi Sawant apparently has one more reason to be upset with Kareena Kapoor “I didn’t like the fact that Kareena said that she doesn’t like the tag of an item girl; then why did she do an item number.

    “She’s my favourite actress, I love her! But why doesn’t she like being called an item girl? Even Aishwarya Rai, who is the best actress ever in Bollywood, has done item numbers, even Kareena is doing them, so she (Kareena) should understand.”

    What does Kareena have to say now!!



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