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    Default Rajat Kapoor happy on release of I M 24 after all the delay

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    Actor- filmmaker Rajat Kapoor is relieved that his long-delayed film, I M 24, produced by Planman Films and directed by Saurabh Shulka is finally seeing the light of day.

    “We had finished shooting for it three years ago. But somehow, the film was never getting released. The producers were regarding it as a commodity and were selling it from one entity to the other. But I am glad that it is finally coming out. Many small films never even get a release. Like what had happened to my film Private Detective years ago.”

    Rajat continues, “The multiplex revolution has at least assured us that we get our day in the sun. Whether we succeed or not, is a different matter. Even many big films don’t recover their costs. Certain filmmakers scream from roof tops, that they have grossed over Rs 70 crores, but in reality the distributors have taken losses.”

    Coming to the story of I M 24, the filmmaker says, “I play a
    42-year old honest balding writer Shubendu Roy who falls in love with a Delhi-based model on the internet. To impress her, he lies about his age, saying that he was just 24. My character is helped in his lies by his roommate Gagan (Ranvir Shorey) who is a liar to the hilt. This comic film traces what happens when these lies make things complicated for all concerned.”

    So what do you feel about romance on the web, we ask Rajat, “Any kind of romance is good. Long distance love was always there. Many years ago, we had the concept of pen pals. Then we would have to wait anxiously for 2/3 weeks for a reply. Now, the same happens instantly at a mouse click.”

    Rajat also does not feel that relationships based on a lie are
    majorly an internet creation. “Come on, have we not seen many cases of arranged marriages where the groom lies about his financial status and the girl finds out the truth after marriage? Agreed there is a risk of meeting a wrong person online, but that can happen even during a night out.”

    Rajat’s last venture FATSO, as producer and director, sank without a trace. “The plexes gave it such odd show timings that nobody got a chance to check it out. I hope I M 24 gets a better deal this time. ”

    However he adds, “The exhibitors are very democratic, for them only money counts. If Ek Tha Tiger rocks, even Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi or Joker that releases along with our film on 31 August, will not get enough screens as well.”



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