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    Plot of the story:

    ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ was a big hit and Vikram’s role as a man with a brain 5-year old was highly appreciated by one and all. The versatile star, after doing tough and varied roles is back as an action hero that is in line with ‘Saamy’, ‘Dhil’ and ‘Dhool’!

    And, ‘Rajapattai’ is a super-action film that again proves Vikram is one of those few inimitable stars in Indian cinema.

    ‘Rajapattai’ tells the story of a Gym instructor & Stunt man, who aspires to become a big villain in films. But, destiny has something else for him.

    Anal Murugan (Vikram) takes on the ‘Dadas’ who grab lands from innocent people. Pradeep Rawat is the baddie. Vikram also has a beautiful relationship with K Viswanath. Deeksha Seth, an IT girl plays the love interest of Anal Murugan.

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    Rajapattai Movie Review



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