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    Default Rain, romance and slap in Na Bole Tum...

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    Sunshine Productionsí show on Colors, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is rapidly climbing up on the TRP chart. Currently in the show, Mohan (Kunal Karan Kapoor) has come into the good light in front of the Vyas family after he helped crack the Amar (Rohit Bharadwaj) murder case.

    In fact, the head of the Vyas family, Papaji (Anjan Srivastava), went ahead to invite Mohan for dinner. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see Mohan trying his best to woo Megha (Aakanksha Singh). And there is a big twist in the kitty.

    Mohan will visit Vyas house for dinner with a bouquet for Megha but he will end up giving it to Jiji (Madhuri Sanjeev). However, given his optimistic nature, he will manage to pluck a flower from the bouquet and give it to Megha later. But Megha will throw the gift of love instead of accepting it.

    Post dinner sequence, the next day Mohan will bump into Papaji. The two will start conversing and thatís when Papaji will tell Mohan how worried he has been about Megha of late. Hence, Mohan will plan to cheer her up in his own way.

    He will enter the park where Megha will be feeding the birds. He will try to profess his love again but Megha will try to walk out of the scene. But that very moment Mohan will hold her hand and propose her for marriage. Megha will get infuriated and slap Mohan.
    In a classic scene, rain will come pouring down on the two and they both will be seen walking in different directions, with their bodies and hearts drenched in heavenly water.
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