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    Lightbulb Rahul Vaidya dumps Prajakta Shukre

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    Rahul Vaidya dumps Prajakta Shukre
    The long running Rahul Vaidya - Prajakta Shukre love affair has gone kaput.

    According to sources, Rahul has told Prajakta clearly that he is not interested in carrying their affair forward anymore. There had not been any commitment promised by Rahul to Prajakta it seems.

    Both had first met on the sets of Indian Idol's first season and grown closer as the reality show progressed.

    Once the show was over there good friendship resulted in an affair and both would be openly seen holding hands together at film events and movie shows in Mumbai Multiplexes.

    But, friends of Prajakta claim, "Rahul's behaviour has changed after winning the Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar" crown and he completely started ignoring Prajakta after the show got over. He perhaps is enamoured more by the adulation he is getting after his win.

    He is loving the female attention he has started getting after winning the Superstar title.

    He wants to make a career as an actor now and old friends and old love like singing are no longer on his agenda! He has made it clear to her that he is no longer wanting to carry on with their relationship."

    We have learnt that Prajakta is keeping very depressed these days and trying hard to concentrate on her singing career.

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    lol dekha asli roop dikha diya....

    aww thanks payal, luv ya too.

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