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    Default Rahul’s promised me a massage: Dimpy

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    Just like the one her hubby had given Payal Rohatgi on another reality show. Newly-wed Dimpy Ganguly-Mahajan tells TOI that she didn’t need Maureen Wadia’s permission to marry Rahul.

    All those who stood witness to your shaadi on Imagine have one question in mind, is the marriage for real?
    It’s a truly, truly real marriage. I’m wearing shakha, pola, churi, mehndi, mangalsutra, alta — all the revered symbols of marriage. My dream has finally come true. I’m a very lucky woman! For the record, our registry is today.

    Has the win...err marriage sunk in?
    It’s dawning on me, on and off. At times, I’m forgetting that I’m married. The first morning after marriage was slightly strange. I kept telling myself, this is for real and now, I’m Mrs Rahul Mahajan. But Rahul is doing his best to make me comfortable.

    It’s thought that you had known Rahul Mahajan even before the show happened...
    Well, who doesn’t know Rahul Mahajan by name? I was no different when I signed up for Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega. What I really liked about him is that despite certain unfortunate turn of events in his life, he keeps smiling. For someone, who has gone through so much in life, to turn around and prove to the world his worth, is admirable. I respect him a lot and it only grew with time after I met and interacted with him.

    But detractors say that you had come on board on one condition: You be made the winner...
    Are you crazy? It’s an utter lie! It’s stupid people should say such things.

    Didn’t too many girls vying for Rahul’s attention make you insecure?
    Love comes with the baggage of insecurity. It happens all the time. I was here to get married and I constantly had this apprehension, what if he doesn’t marry me? Truth is, all the girls were vying for Rahul’s attention and I too was well aware that chances are it might not be me in the end.

    When did you realize that Rahul had fallen for you?
    When we went out on a hot air balloon date, Rahul was eager to know me. I had seen a spark in his eyes and my sixth sense said he likes me. As days passed, my confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

    You must have seen Rahul giving a massage to Payal Rohatgi on Bigg Boss 2. Do you want us to believe that even the memory of such a sight never made you insecure?
    On the contrary, I like the attention Rahul gets from women. I feel proud to have married a man who’s so popular. About the massage, he has promised to give me one. We’ve been too busy after marriage and it’s unfair to even expect a massage from him now. I’ll look forward to the same on our honeymoon to the Maldives.

    Maureen Wadia reportedly sent a showcause notice to you for violating a contract and taking part in a reality show...
    For me, this wasn’t a show, but my marriage. I didn’t need anyone else’s permission to get married apart from my parents’ and Rahul’s mother’s. It’s absurd for her to react in this manner when she herself didn’t send me a copy of the contract. I’ve been very busy with my wedding and choose not to divert my attention.

    You were a model before your marriage to Rahul. Any plans of being a working woman again?
    I want to give my career a serious thought. Rahul too doesn’t want just a homemaker for a wife. He wants me to be independent and carve a name for myself. When I get back to work, I’d like to do shows with him. That will be real cute. I also think Rahul should get into politics. He speaks his mind and has the gift of the gab.

    The marriage happened just days after Pravin Mahajan, Rahul’s uncle, passed away...
    Rahul had promised that no matter what, the marriage will happen on the pre-decided date. Beyond that, I’d like to reserve my comments on the same.

    There was a twist on the show, when your ex-boyfriend Neil Shah called up. Was that scripted?
    It wasn’t scripted but at the same time, I thought that was uncalled for. Neil and I might have been in a relationship in the past, but it had ended and we are on friendly terms. I’m disgusted that the channel aired it to garner TRPs.

    Wasn’t there any awkwardness with Rahul after that?
    Rahul knows everything about my past and I know everything about his past. We are perfectly comfortable with each other. And all we need is people’s blessings. Wish us luck.

    In High Spirits

    Formerly Saumasri Ganguly, this 21-year-old college dropout comes from a Kolkata family of extremely modest means. It was her win at a local beauty contest that gave her a foothold in the industry, and Dimpy went on to feature in glamorous item numbers and magazine shoots. Dimpy’s family soon moved out of their conservative joint family setup to an independent apartment, as her modelling career took off. Two years later, she signed up for a high-profile model hunt, which in the past has launched Bipasha Basu. Her friends and associates speak of her as a “go-getter” and “street-smart” girl. Fellow contestants on the reality show which saw her get married to Rahul Mahajan, did not take kindly to her “bonding over alcohol” with him after the shoots.

    Finalist Nikkunj claims, “Dimpy could not stand on her feet after 7.30 pm. They both used to be quite sloshed.” Shailja Kejriwal (Imagine, EVP, Content) did not deny that Rahul and Dimpy used to drink together. She simply said, “Why call me up for such frivolous things?

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