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    Default ‘Ragini MMS’ girl Kainaz Motivala has ghost for company!

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    After reading this you might think she is imagining or hallucinating perhaps. But Kainaz Motivala has some real spooky moments to treasure, all thanks to her first horror film Ragini MMS.

    So, what’s the story? Kainaz was the guest on a Zoom show, but the crew members feel she wasn’t alone. Soon when the cameras were about to roll, fire broke out on the set, but it wasn’t a major incident, and thankfully, no one was hurt. But something like this has never happened on the sets claim the crew members.

    After a couple of hours, another accident took place. This time an iron clamp fell on a crew member’s back, who was a girl, leaving her with a terrible bruise, reports the channel.

    Kainaz has no clue why she is all of a sudden amidst a series of mishaps. Talking about her experience after the release of Ragini MMS, she is quoted as saying: “Even when the movie released strange things were happening around me. There was a gas leak in my house; my Dad was stuck in an elevator for hours and many such small incidents.”

    But still Kainaz can’t breathe easy; she now wants her ghost friend to leave her. Oh! so much like the film, Kainaz.
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