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    Thumbs up Racial attacks: Amitabh rejects Australian honour

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    Racial attacks: Amitabh rejects Australian honour

    Big B is in big dilemma. In his latest blog the superstar reveals that he has rejected an offer from Queensland University of Technology of decorating him with an Honarary Doctorate for his contribution to the world of entertainment, due to the latest spate of attacks on Indian students down under.

    This is what he has to say over the entire episode:

    I am faced with a dilemma of some intense proportions. And as is the norm, when I am troubled I seek advice and consultation from the extended family.

    I have been witnessing with great dismay and shock, the recent violent attacks on Indian students in Australia, on the electronic media the entire day. One of them, as is apparent from the coverage, lies in a hospital critically conditioned.

    There have been diplomatic overtures from both Governments - India complaining and expressing their concern and anger through the level of the Prime Minister and Australia expressing regret, but admitting purported racist overtones in the incident.

    This is, as many know, the fourth such incident in a month, not to mention several other cases that have been in prominence through the years.

    Now.. here is the problem and the reason I seek help.

    Last week, I have accepted from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia an offer of decorating me with an Honarary Doctorate for my contribution to the world of entertainment.

    This issue was under discussion and consideration by the University Board for some months and has now fructified. It is to be conferred on me in the month of July as a part of the celebrations being held there, to commemorate a retrospective of my films to be inaugurated in the city.

    I mean no disrespect to the Institution that honors me, but under the present circumstances, where citizens of my own country are subjected to such acts of inhuman horror, my conscience does not permit me to accept this decoration from a country that perpetrates such indignity to my fellow countrymen. And here is where I need your inputs. Am I right in thinking so.

    And if yes then is my act of refusing the honor justified or not. I shall put this up as my POLL question and shall feel obliged if EF can indicate to me their opinion, for me to be ale to take the correct action.

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    Hats off for this BigB, I really love you !!!

    Thanks !!!
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    Thank you



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