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    Default Race 2 : The Revenge Saga Unfolds

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    Race 2, the sequel to the hit franchise Race, has just got bigger. Shot in the picturesque locales of Turkey, the film promises some heart-stopping stunts and gripping twists and turns

    Armaan Malik ( John Abraham)
    Armaan heads the Indian mafia in Turkey. While on one hand, he is famous for his easy way with women, on the other side lies a bottomless well of villainy. His tools of oppression are limitless. A network of hidden cameras and double dealings, a few traits of his multi-dimensional personality, are marshalled against those who stand in the way of his accumulation of money and power. Armaan may be extravagant, but he is never unrealistic. He runs his criminal empire with his half-sister Aleena.

    Omisha ( Jacqueline Fernandez)
    She is Armaan's fiancee and has an ethereal charm about her that is very magnetic and infectious. Omisha comes across as a person who can be banked on when the going gets tough. But behind this white, clean image, a grey shadow is lurking around. She is a nun who worships the devil.

    Ranveer ( Saif Ali Khan)
    Ranveer, who is in his late 30's, is a mix of grit and sensitivity with a passion for horse racing. His business dealings border on the illegal and he is aggressive, always on the move. He walks with confidence and unsought arrogance. Ranveer can be extremely ruthless if betrayed - he never forgives or forgets. But behind this steely exterior is a caring heart. He believes in relationships and is fiercely protective about them.

    Aleena ( Deepika Padukone)
    Beautiful, strong and passionate, Aleena is a ruthless mind dwelling in a beautiful body. The passion she inspires in the men she interacts with is instantly frozen into nothingness by her scalpel-slashing manner. She lives with Armaan in a palatial villa in Istanbul, the haven of high-stakes rollers.

    R.D. (Anil Kapoor)
    He is a flamboyant, retired police detective, who, in his late forties, is the owner of a lounge bar. A corrupt person, he has an unending greed for that extra buck. R.D has a strange sense of humour and though he looks extremely harmless, he has another face hidden behind this facade. He is a genius when it comes to solving criminal cases.

    Cherry (Ameesha Patel)
    Cherry, R.D's personal assistant, is dumb. Her unintentional, innocent flirting with R.D and her pea-brained, whacky questions provide the much-needed humour to a grim crime scene. She is fiercely loyal to R.D and keeps boosting his ego by complimenting him.

    Producer's note - Ramesh Taurani
    The sequel of Race is 10 times bigger than the first film - the locations,the star cast, the stunts and the plot have been set on a higher scale. We haven't compromised on anything. When I produced Race, it was an unchartered territory for me and my audience and I knew that I had to do better with the sequel. It took my writer Shiraz Ahmed two years to write the script. The first narration that he gave me was so detailed that I knew I would be making this film. It required me to put in thrice the budget of Race, but I had decided to go ahead and things eventually fell in place. We shot the film entirely in Turkey, at the exotic locales of Istanbul. Though the film has turned out to be extremely expensive, it has surpassed all our expectations. Abbas-Mustan have worked harder on this film.

    Directors' cut - Abbas Mustan
    Race 2 takes up the story of Ranveer Singh from where it ended in Race. We wanted a rugged, rough terrain with ruins and Turkey fit the bill perfectly. John trained very hard to master mixed martial arts and cracked a few bones in the process, but he just kept going. Fencing requires a great deal of agility and hand and eye coordination, but it came very easily to Saif. On the other hand, Jacqueline trained for over two months to get it right. We made them fence without their protective head gear, so it was really dangerous.

    Action car-nama
    The film has some breathtaking stunts by stunt director Peter Heinz. The crew had a tough time shooting a helicopter landing on a yacht, as there was only one such yacht in Istanbul. For an action sequence with Saif, a Parkour specialist, Yanik, was flown down from France. For a cage-fight scene with John, Andrew, a former Mr Universe, from South Africa was flown down. There is also a scene where Saif and Deepika are seen in a car fitted with a bomb. It was extremely tough to shoot as the car is supposed to move against the traffic.

    Anil Kapoor mobbed
    The people of Turkey don't watch Hindi films. But the paparazzi went berserk trying to capture an exclusive of Anil Kapoor. It was later learnt that the success of his international ventures had made him a familiar face. Previously, it was Raj Kapoor who was well-known as his films used to get dubbed in the Turkish language.

    Saif's dare devilry
    The location is a key character in the film. After doing a thorough recce, Istanbul, Antalya and North Cyprus was zeroed in to shoot the film. The Turkish government was extremely cooperative when they had to shoot in sensitive places like the Sultan Ahmed mosque in Istanbul. The authorities granted them special permission to shoot at the monument and they were the first crew to shoot in North Cyprus. They also shot at a casino there. Also, the place boasts of some of the most fabulous beaches.

    John shoots in a palace
    John's character is larger than life, so the Mardan Palace was made his home. The crew shot there for 11 days and the entire cast was put up there, too. The the song Party On My Mind was also there. While shooting, it was learnt that its construction cost was a few billion dollars. The palace is epitome of luxury and has to be seen to be believed!



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