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    Default RAAZ-3: World of intrigue, unplugged in the world of cinema

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    It seems the manner in which the world of cinema functions has become the flavour of the young breed of directors who have the courage to venture into the realm which is talked about in hushed tones but seldom shared in public. RAAZ 3 is a stark portrayal of the element of insecurities that dominates the key players who have lived a life at the top of their career, and who resort to all kinds of machinations to try to be at the position and do not think twice to take recourse to whatever means to scare the competitor. It also underlines the maxim which the actors have to live with it is lonely at the top, and the loneliness triggers, possibly, to venture into the realm of the unknown.

    Being the third part of the series RAAZ that has become a cult property for Bhatts, along with JANNAT and MURDER, in terms of creating waves at the box office, RAAZ-3 does not have any links with its earlier two versions RAAZ and RAAZ-2 but for the name Sanjana which is the only commonality in all the three parts. RAAZ-3 scores with good VFX effects, black magic and exotic locales, and when it is in 3-D it makes the cinematic experience more so visually enthralling.

    Bipasha Basu is daringly sexy and the lovemaking scene with Emraan Hashmi sets the screen on fire. As a matter of fact the genre of explicit love making also seems to have become a patent for the Vishesh Films as they have been doing over the years and they capitalized on it in JISM-2 in a big way.
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