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    Default Has 'RA.One' publicity overkill harmed 'Don 2'?

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    RA.One' was a unique film in several contexts. It was probably the first film with promotional budget almost equal to the real budget. The huge promotional drive ensured the commercial success of the film despite mixed verdicts from the critics.
    The omnipresent Shah Rukh Khan collaborated with almost every big manufacturer in order to generate revenue and viewership.
    As a result, the film became a mega success with unprecedented collections but it also affected the exclusivity of Shah Rukh Khan as a brand.

    Although it's early to say anything but this could be one of the reasons behind the lack of enthusiasm for Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film 'Don 2'.
    The makers had released the first look of 'Don 2' long time ago which had created initial buzz about the film. SRK's long locks and stylish looks reminded the audiences of Farhan Akhtar's earlier film 'Don: The Chase Begins Again'.
    Later the publicity team of the film came up with the idea of releasing memorable Don quotes by the title 'Don Says'.
    Farhan Akhtar, the brain behind 'Don 2' is no longer just a director. Last three-four years have grown him more like an actor than a storyteller. Movie buffs have liked him as an actor and Farhan has also become a celebrity with a good face value. Still, he is not managing to grab eagerness filled eyeballs.
    Earlier it seemed that the 'Don 2' team will come into full swing after the release of 'RA.One' when Shah Rukh will have the time to promote the film but 'Rockstar' and 'The Dirty Picture' grabbed the limelight right after the release of 'RA.One'.
    'The Dirty Picture' not only proved to be a great success but also made the media to divert attention from other films.

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