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    Smile Pyaar Impossible is simple, says Priyanka

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    Uday Chopra-Priyanka starrer ‘Pyaar Impossible’ is creating waves with its geek and beauty love story. Nevertheless, its leading lady feels that the film is just a feel-good movie with not much to ponder over it. Simplicity and sweetness is the essence of ‘Pyaar Impossible’, according to our Piggy Chops.

    The actress stated that one shouldn’t expect the film to be classic something like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ type. And also that the film doesn’t have a space for complications coz there aren’t any. "It's not necessary that all love stories have to be complicated. So many times it is the simplicity factor that comes out trumps and 'Pyaar Impossible' is one such film," said Priyanka.

    Revealing more on the film’s motive, PC further said, "We wanted to make a feel good fun film that can be identified by the teens and youth and tells their story while keeping the entertainment value intact. One should just enter the theatre with a bag full of popcorn and enjoy those couple of hours."

    Directed by Jugal Hansraj, 'Pyaar Impossible' revolves around nerdy Abhay (Uday) and hot-gal-of-campus Alisha (Priyanka). The geeky guy falls in love with the gal and how their pyaar turns possible forms the crux of the story.

    Said Priyanka, "That's where the real sweet elements about the film come in because the girl truly believes that geek or no geek; it's the intrinsic good qualities of one's own self that make people fall in love with you. On the other hand, the boy believes that good looks do matter. This is what kick starts the entire point of view of possibility of love in contrasting individuals."

    And this point is hinted through the title song where Priyanka dresses up like Uday in the film. She wants to prove that one can win over with heart rather than good looks.

    A banner of Yash Raj Films, ‘Pyaar Impossible’ is slated to hit the screens in January.

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