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    Default Puppies' day out for Shahid

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    Recently, producer Ahmed Khan and director Milind Ukey had to spend a whole day to shoot a one-minute scene for Paathshaala.

    The scene required lead actor Shahid Kapoor, some kids and a few puppies and took the whole day to shoot. A source says, “The shoot turned into a picnic of sorts for the cast and crew. The scene involved a child actor playing with some puppies in the school premises while Shahid and some other kids had to look on.”

    Before the shot, the crew played with the puppies and fed them, to familiarise them with the surrounding. The source adds, “Once we realised that the puppies were sufficiently warmed up, the director set up the shot. However, the tired puppies fell asleep and as a result, the shoot got stalled for some time.

    Once the puppies woke up, the process of making them comfortable started again with Shahid and the kids doing the job of feeding and playing with them.Once again, the shot was set up and this time, the puppies chose to wander off in different directions, making it difficult for the director to shoot.

    The crew picked up the puppies and got them within the frame but the playful puppies refused to co-operate and went their own way again. This process continued for some time until the puppies were too tired to explore the place. That’s when the director could finally can the shot, after a day’s hard work.”

    Confirming the news, director Milind Ukey says, “We faced a really funny situation that day. We had never imagined that shooting such a minor scene would require such effort. However, in the end, everyone, especially the kids, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So I guess it was worth the effort.”

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