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    Default Iím proud of my baby bump: Tara

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    The mom-to-be tells TOI that 'Suno Na', where she plays a pregnant woman, prepared her for this real-life role

    At a time when celebs arenít too keen on flaunting their baby bumps, you seem to be a trendsetter of sorts...
    Thatís something even I was thinking about! In the West, however, celebs go about flaunting their baby bumps. Since I have not gained too much of weight and am feeling quite well, I decided to go ahead with this shoot. Who knows, maybe next time, I might put on weight or feel unequal to a shoot. A childcare magazine wanted me to do a shoot... I am proud of my baby bump and have realised that thereís nothing to be scared about. I am working out and eating right. Conceptions are changing now. The earlier notion that a married actor or a pregnant woman cannot pursue a career, has changed. If one can do the balancing act right, why should there be a problem?

    Does that mean you would love to have another kid?
    I would probably like to have two kids.

    But usually, pregnant women are superstitious...
    I am superstitious as a person but donít believe in old wivesí tales. Not everyone has a baby bump to show off, and I want to enjoy this process. During the first four months, I too, had not shared the good news with anyone other than my husband, parents and in-laws.

    With the baby due shortly, when will you be back on the sets?
    One canít plan such things. Luckily, my parents stay nearby, so thatís a big help. But being a hands-on person, Iíd want to spend as much time as possible with my kid. All I can say now, is that I hope to be back as soon as I can.

    You had to back out of Rensil DíSilvaís film owing to your pregnancy...
    Thatís right. Initially, I was a bit upset but my baby is the priority. My eighth month would be too late to fly to and shoot in NYC. Both Karan and Rensil were very sweet about it. I definitely hope to work with them in the future.

    Now that you will be a mother soon, will there be a difference in the way you essay a motherís role? Looking back, do you think you could have essayed the role of a pregnant woman in Suno Na any differently?
    To the first question, yes, I think there will be a difference. But the director of Suno Na had done quite a bit of research on my character. The script was accurate and my character was similar to the way Iím feeling now. In a way, it prepared me for this state (laughs). But maybe, I could have done certain things differently.

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