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    Default Producer patches up with his warring rakhi-sister

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    Producer Vinod Bachchan got into a physical squabble with his raakhi-sister, Neha Berry. The lady apparently got upset because Bachchan couldn’t find time for her during Bhai Dooj. After the squabble in the gym she registered a police complaint against Bachchan.

    But the matter was sorted out within an hour.

    Says Bachchan, “We share a 12-year old brother-sister relationship. She was upset with me. But it’s sorted now. In fact we’re now in Shirdi together. We’ve come here together to pray for peace between us. ”

    Actor Sonu Sood who’s the lady’s cousin was in Shirdi with the stormy rakhi-siblings shrugs off the whole incident. “I don’t know why I was dragged into this. It’s between them. They are constantly at loggerheads. I know after this fight they’d patch up in no time. An hour after the incident at the gym they were singing songs together.”



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