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    Default Priyanka's singing battle over Krissh & Zanjeer

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    So who in Bollywood gets to secure Priyanka Chopra’s newly-discovered stardom as a singer? Sources insist that she’s being earnestly wooed to do the croon for both her underproduction films Krissh and Zanjeer.

    “But Priyanka can only sing in one of these films. She told us she doesn’t want to sing in too many movies. She wants to lend her voice sparingly in films. She has told us she would be singing in just one of the two of her films that are on the floors,” said someone close to one of the two underproduction projects.

    At the moment the singer in Priyanka is being seduced by both the projects. Apparently Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan with whom she shares a long-standing bonding over the Krissh franchise, have personally asked Priyanka to lend her voice to their film. However Zanjeer’s leading man Ramcharan Teja who is now Priyanka’s pal has also put in his request for Priyanka’s voice.

    In fact the Zanjeer makers are very keen hit the market speedily to cash in on Priyanka’s new international image of the actress-singer. The film is now being readied for an early May 2013 release, much ahead of Krissh 3.Although the latter began shooting much earlier it releases much later for Diwali 2014.

    Says a source, “The Zanjeer team is very keen to have Priyanka sing in the film. However there are two hurdles. One is Priyanka’s proximity to the Roshans which may prompt her to sing for Krissh3 instead of Zanjeer. Also, she is under contract not to sing for any film until her international album is released. The Zanjeer team is hoping to be the early bird and catch her voice just in time for the film’s release.

    But for that they would have to get past Priyanka’s emotional and moral commitment to singing for the Roshans. Because there’s no way Priyanka would sing for both Krissh 3 and Zanjeer.”

    Priyanka Chopra’s career as an international singer has taken off with the single In My City which one hears, is music to global ears.
    Bollywood’s me-too brigade, not wanting to be left behind in anything that wows the West, has embraced her singing acumen. Suddenly there is a demand for her vocals in Bollywood.

    Whether the Roshans or the Zanjeer team finally bag Priyanka’s vocals remains to be seen.



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