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    Default Priyanka was responsible for Abhishek/Rani feud

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    Priyanka was responsible for Abhishek/Rani feud Click here to add this article to My Clips

    By Joginder Tuteja, December 31, 2008 - 18:22 IST

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    In this New Year special episode of 'Oye! It's Friday! ', it's Priyanka, Priyanka and just Priyanka all the way. She shares quite a few facets of her personality, some known, some unknown. What impresses though is her much acknowledged and appreciated 'honesty' that is put to play once again as Farhan Akhtar, the host quizzes her on a variety of topics.

    - Are you aware about any regrets that Priyanka Chopra has in her life? Well, she does have, as she reveals that although she has worked hard to achieve her current success, she regrets not graduating and receiving her degree. She began her college years at Jai Hind College in Mumbai but had to give it up soon after winning the Miss World pageant. But Farhan has a trick up his sleeve! On 'Oye! It's Friday! ' he proudly felicitated Priyanka with a BA degree! The whole experience was quite moving for Priyanka! Check out in the show what was this degree all about!

    - Priyanka is known for her down-to-earth attitude and her penchant for fun. In the show, Farhan had quite a few tricks up his sleeve for PC and not one to give up without trying, the sporting lass tried her hand at everything that was thrown at her. Watch out for her participation in a gag that pokes fun at stars and their supposed eating habits to trying her hand out at playing the 'submissive TV serial bahu' for Farhan. Even more interesting is to see Priyanka enjoying every moment of all the fun around her!

    - What happens when a singer teaches an actor how to sing? This is what Farhan tried with Priyanka as he asked her to hum a tune from his movie Rock on! Trying to get Priyanka to sound exactly like him, Farhan even put her through an impromptu music coaching session. Though Priyanka found it tough initially to please Farhan, in the end she left the audience shocked with her near perfect act!

    - Priyanka couldn't even resist taking a cue from the young, prodigious drummer Aadar Jain, and tried her hand at drumming! With a short yet spirited performance, Priyanka - the first time drummer - received a nod of approval from the young genius and the host! Catch Priyanka's hidden talents unveiled only on 'Oye! It's Friday! '

    - Farhan also uncovered the fact about Priyanka being a big time prankster who loves pulling gags on her co-stars and friends. Many of her pranks seem to involve mobile phones! In a shocking revelation, Priyanka recounted an incident that happened on the sets of Bluffmaster where she was shooting with Abhishek Bachchan. Apparently, Priyanka sneaked off Abhishek's phone and sent a rude message to Rani Mukerjee from his phone! Needless to say, Rani was quite upset with him and when AB Jr. found out, he was very upset. Recently, Priyanka tried a similar trick on Ashutosh Gowarikar while shooting for What's your Rashee?. Wanna check out Ashu dear's reaction?

    - Not many people are aware that Priyanka Chopra has been quite an action lady since her childhood. Priyanka reveals one particular incident when she was in the 10th grade in the US. One of her schoolmates unfairly accused Priyanka of flirting with her boyfriend! Not the kind who would appreciate being accused falsely, she challenged the girl to a duel on the basketball court at lunch break. What ensued was a battle royale, where PC punched the girl and broke her nose. Any lessons that young Priyanka learn after the incident?

    - Priyanka Chopra has a fetish for collecting photographs! The quintessential family girl, Priyanka has a penchant for collecting all kinds of pictures of her family from her ancestors to her own childhood and growing years. Her ideal pastime is to sort out her collection of photographs. No wonder, she always leaves home with a camera!

    To find out more about how Priyanka makes the most of her moments, watch 'Oye! It's Friday! ' with Farhan Akhtar, January 2nd at 10:00 pm on NDTV Imagine.

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