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    Priyanka can have it all the money
    By Subhash K Jha

    Harman Baweja met Laloo Yadav. And the former chief minister of Bihar might be attending the premiere of Harman's debut film.

    That's how well the two hit it off.

    Like all those who comes across this entertainer-extraordinaire Harman can't get over this "other dynamic Bihari in my life."

    In case anyone has forgotten Priyanka Chopra is from Jamshedpur in Bihar. So when Harman got to know Laloo Yadav was in the studio to record Kya Aap Paanchi Paas Se Tez Hai he made it a point to say hello.

    "The hello turned out to be quite an experience. Lalooji of course knew Priyanka. But he also knew me. He knew about my father as well.That I found surprising since I haven't been seen in any film as yet.Lalooji asked me what my film was about. When I described the film he wondered if this is a love story set in 2050 or 3050."

    It made Harman think. "Considering how futuristic the film looks have we set it too near into the future?"

    Harman is bowled over Laloo Yadav's wit and presence. "He's the ultimate entertainer. And when I saw him get together with Shah Rukh Khan I realized what constitutes superstardom. It's just a quality you've or you don't have."

    The railway minister won the grand prize of Rs 1 crore.

    Says Harman, "I wouldn't like to comment on what Lalooji won. But yes, Priyanka and I felt a twinge for not being able to go right up to the grand prize.

    We were ruined by the bell. We knew the last answer. But time was up. So we came away with 50 lakhs. Not bad for my first television recording, no?"

    How will Harman and Priyanka divide the money? "Oh, Priyanka can have it all and do what she likes with the money. I got my prize on the show when I met Lalooji. Now if he could only come to my premiere I'd be quite happy."



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