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    Default Priyanka gets married on stage !!!

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    It was a jaw dropping moment interlaced with great amusement, on sets of ‘Saregamapa Little Stars’, the popular musical competition on Zee TV.

    Swarit Nigam, a 10 year contestant, aired his wish to marry our Desi Gal. A sportive Priyanka, candidly said to the kid that if he sings well she would really accept his proposal. The cute fellow sang to her the title song of ‘Mujse Shaadi Karogi’ and handed out to her a rose. What happened next was a hilarious drama that sent the audience and others on sets into laughing ruptures.

    Priyanka Chopra went on stage and put a garland on the kid. While the actress covered her face shying like a bride, Swarit was cheered and raised up by his fellow contestants and show kid-comperes. Priyanka even carried her young ‘Pathi Parmeshwar’ and walked the ramp to take him to home. Swarit’s parents were visibly elated and cheering. But the actress put him down saying he has a competition to win there, so she would not take him for the time being. However, she on lighter tone said the young hubby not to forget her now that he is married to her.

    Besides Priyanka, Hurman Baweja was the other quest on the show. Both the actors were on the show to promote their forthcoming movie, ‘What’s Your Rashee?’
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