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    Default Priyanka Chopra is trying hard to get close to Salman Khan

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    Having burnt her bridges in Shah Rukh Khan’s camp and thereby automatically forfeited her chances to be part of any film produced by Karan Johar and Yash Chopra, Priyanka Chopra is now busy trying to mend her relationship with Salman Khan.

    Priyanka and Salman fell out 3 years ago when the former asked (read: told) Priyanka to do a guest appearance for his brother Sohail’s Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

    Priyanka made a cardinal error. She said no to Salman’s offer. No one says no to Salman. The actor spent the next two years mocking and ridiculing Priyanka at every given opportunity.

    Said a friend of Priyanka, “She couldn’t understand what wrong she had done by refusing his offer. But when he launched a heckling tirade against her, Priyanka simply backed off and let him vent spleen. She thought he would cool down eventually.”

    However… Priyanka misjudged Salman’s appetite for acrimony. His close friends would tell you he makes friends for life. But if they betray him—or if he thinks they’ve betrayed him—he never forgives. The members of Salman’s friend-turned-foe list include dress designer Shabina Khan and producer Bunty Walia.

    The bridge-mending began after Priyanka’s problems with Salman’s bête-noire Shah Rukh Khan. Rumours of an over-zealous friendship with SRK pissed his wife and her friends off. As Priyanka found herself ostracized by all the elements close to Shah Rukh she began to make friendly overtures to Salman.

    In the last few months Salman has stopped sniggering about Priyanka. A sure sign that he’s thawing.

    Says a very close friend of Salman, “Priyanka has been going the whole route of winning back Salman’s trust and friendship. We don’t know what pissed him off. But he was a hundred percent upset with her. But we’ve seen the change lately. Priyanka has been trying hard. She has made friends with Salman’s sisters. Everyone knows that’s the best way to win over Salman. She is quite often seen in Alvira and Arpita’s company.”

    Salman was apparently heard confiding to his friends, ‘Ladki utni buri nahin hai.’

    We now hear Priyanka is fast approaching a full rapprochement with Salman. If all goes well she will sign a big film with Salman in the next two months.

    Says Salman’s buddy, “Priyanka is at the peak of her power as an actress right now. Ironically she is short of work. She has only Zanjeer with Ramcharan Teja. She even lost Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela to Deepika Padukone. Salman’s re-entry in to her life would spell a second-coming for her.”



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