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    Default Priyanka Chopra not the highest paid actress

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    Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra is again in the news for wrong reasons. The latest buzz is that Priyanka Chopra is not receiving 9 crore for Zanjeer. In fact, Ram Charan who’s stepping into Big B’s shoes, would bag Rs. 12 crore for his debut Bollywood movie.

    Rumour had it that Priyanka Chopra became the highest paid actress in Bollywood with a payday of Rs. 9 crore for Zanjeer remake. The remuneration was even said to be more than that of her male co-star Ram Charan Teja who is reprising the part enacted by Amitabh Bachchan in the 1973 original.

    But now, a media report alleges that Priyanka Chopra isn’t getting Rs. 9 crore but Rs. 5.5 crore for the film, and Ram Charan Teja is pocketing Rs. 12 crore, which is more than the double of what PC’s getting.

    In fact, the price issue all but boiled into an ego tussle between the two factions — Priyanka’s and Teja’s — with each side trying to keep an upper hand. Reportedly, Priyanka’s PR machinery had been in overdrive to paint her as the highest paid, while Ram Charan Teja loyalists have been raining down on her parade and claiming that the south star is getting paid much higher than PC.

    If even a grain of truth lies in these claims, then the myth of Priyanka Chopra’s astronomical price tag stands busted for the moment.



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