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    Default Priyanka Chopra goes far away from Bollywood

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    Not once in six years has Priyanka Chopra let her guard down. She has worked tirelessly all the time to reach for the coveted top spot.

    Now that she has done that, she has decided to give herself a little treat for it. She left for a vacation to an undisclosed place out of the country on Wednesday night with a few close friends and cousins

    . Her parents are expected to join her in a few days. They will be away for around 20 days.

    Priyanka decided to give herself a break after getting frequently ill, due to exhaustion. Her parents advised her to take some time off and now that Kaminey is doing well, she took off for a holiday to the East.

    She has taken a few short breaks before, but this is the first time she will be gone for more than two weeks. Priyanka admitted to needing the holiday and listening to her doctors, that is, her parents.

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