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    Default ● Priyanka Chopra drags down Shahid in Dirt! ●

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    When Shahid Kapoor rode pillion with Priyanka to shoot a song sequence in his Guddu avatar, little did he know that he will hit the ground and how!

    Priyanka had to ride the scooter and Shahid was to sit behind her. The shot was simple enough; they just had to ride till about 15 meters.

    However, it got complicated when Priyanka could not manage the balance of the two-wheeler. They did a couple of takes but the scooter seemed to not be in her grip, and as a result both she and Shahid went down with a thud on the mucky road.

    Neither of them was hurt, as the speed of the scooter was slow. The unit hands came rushing to help them both, but this got difficult as both Shahid and Priyanka had, by then, burst into a fit of spontaneous laughter, much to the units chagrin.

    Everyone joined in once they were sure that both the stars were safe and unhurt. However, the wet mud and dirt on the road didnt go so easily and shooting had to be stopped for nearly an hour, while both the stars wiped themselves clean.

    Amazingly enough, the next take of the shot was Ok. Shahid still teases Priyanka about his fall, as this is the only time in his life that he had ever fallen off a scooter.


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