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    Default Priyanka Chopra creates hysteria in Hyderabad

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    The presence of Priyanka Chopra in Hyderabad and that too to shoot a Telugu film with Ramcharan Teja, has created a mammoth crowd-interest in the city.

    On Friday evening when Priyanka arrived in the city to shoot for Apoorva Lakhia’s Hindi-Telugu bi-lingual Zanjeer, 3000 youngsters gathered at her hotel (The Park Hotel).

    Says our eyewitness, “Friday evening is pub and disco time for youngsters in Hyderabad. Not this weekend. As soon as they heard of Priyanka’s arrival they headed towards her hotel.”

    Apparently Priyanka has gone out of her way to accommodate the swarm of fans.
    “But it’s getting out of hand now. There are at least 250 people waiting at her hotel to shake hands with her at any given time. And they just don’t want to see Priyanka alone. They want to see her with Ramcharan,” says the source from Hyderabad.

    Says the source, “Upasana and Ramcharan are looking after Priyanka like their own personal guest. Every day food is sent from their home on the sets. It’s a long schedule for Zanjeer here in Hyderabad. We are shooting till December 5. And Priyanka needs to be comfortable to concentrate on getting her Telugu dialogues right. Every evening after pack-up she spends two hours with her Telugu tutor.



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