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    Default Priyanka bonded with Aamir over a cup of tea

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    The film industry is one place where some of the most unbelievable things keep happening. And especially, this is in terms of relationships. Bollywood has no permanent friendships, and it seems that every friendship happens for a reason.

    Recently, media has been abuzz with the alleged news of Priyanka-Shahrukh’s ‘good friends’ status, and that this had miffed a lot of friends of SRK’s since he is a much-married guy. Priyanka, from the look of it, seems to be in a dire need of friends in Bollywood. After the news of Priyanka’s cordial meeting with Salman Khan at Ambani’s part spread all across the internet, it is reported that also Priyanka bonded with Aamir Khan over a cup of tea on the sets of the latter’s closely guarded television show at Yash Raj Films’s studio in Andheri last week. Priyanka was also there working on an ad film.

    “When Priyanka heard that Aamir was shooting next door, she requested her director to take a break so that she could go and say hi,” a source at the venue says, adding, “Aamir, who usually keeps his shoots under wraps, welcomed her and allowed her to see the set, the format of the show and some part of the shoot as well.”

    It is already known that the people close to Shahrukh Khan’s family had almost boycotted Priyanka when the rumours of her link-up with the superstar emerged. Filmmaker Karan Johar had also reportedly struck off Priyanka’s name from the guest list of this season’s ‘Koffee with Karan’. Hence, the actress seems to be in a desperate need of friends in the film fraternity. And her endeavours have made her go find company in Shahrukh’s foe, Salman Khan, and now Aamir Khan.

    Well, there might just be another reason why Priyanka might be striving for new bonds, she is yet to work with the ‘Perfectionist’ Khan. We will just wait to see what her exact motivation is.



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