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    Arrow Priyadarshan is back with the Hera Pheri Team in Aise Ko Taisa

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    Priyadarshan is back with the Hera Pheri Team in Aise Ko Taisa
    Subhash K Jha

    After Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, Akshay has quite possibly got himself another steady leading lady.

    Asin who's Aamir Khan's girl in the much talked-about Ghajini will be teaming up for Priyadarshan's Aise Ko Taisa which starts in November.

    Having gotten over his film with Akshaye Khanna, Priyadarshan is now back with the other actor of the same name.

    "That's right I'm getting together with Akshay Kumar and the whole Hera Pheri team of Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty for a no-holds-barred comedy. We've named it Aise Ko Taisa, " Priyan proclaims from the sets of his Shah Rukh Khan starrer Billoo Barbar which is almost complete.

    "We've about twenty days' shooting. Then Billoo Barbar is done. We're aiming at a Diwali release."

    He isn't the least perturbed by the mixed response to Mere Baap…

    "Some people are saying that the film is too long. Others are saying the comedy is diluted by the drama that comes in the second-half. I'm used to these reactions.

    Critics and the so-called intelligentsia aren't happy with my recent films. That's okay. It's more important for a film to run than for critics to say wah-wah.

    I don't make films for my own satisfaction. If I did I wouldn't be considered the highest-paid director in the country."

    But Priyan is now going back to his roots. "My Tamil film Kanjeevaram is my most satisfying film to date. I've made it straight from the heart."

    Priyan has shown it to his colleagues in Mumbai. And they've all reacted with disbelief. "In fact when I showed it to Govind Nihalani he said, 'Priyan is this really you?' I don't know whether I should take that as a compliment, " he chuckles.

    So is Aise Ko Taisa going to be a full-fledged chuckle-fest?

    "Oh absolutely, " avers Priyan. 'It'd be a complete laugh riot. The film will have 22 actors including Johnny Lever whom believe it or not, I've never worked with in any of my comedies. And though it brings together the principal actors from Hera Pheri, Aise Ko Taisa will have nothing to do with Hera Pheri in terms of plot."

    Priyan, it should be recalled has refused to direct the various sequels to Hera Pheri.

    Aise Ko Taisa is ready to be shot in one stretch from November 20 for producers Venus.



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