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    Default Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty are NOT AT WAR

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    The mischief-mongers are at it. Trying to create a imaginary war between two glamorous divas who have stakes in two rival IPL teams, by pitching them against one another.

    It all started after a televised debate where Shilpa made a comment on how she wouldn?t run to the field to hug players or chat with them in the backroom.

    Preity's friends feel the remark was directed at the actress.

    On a debate on NDTV recently on the IPL matches when Preity spoke on how she had worked hard to get her makeoff and be on the field with the boys, Shilpa retorted that she would be in the IPL with her makeup on. Preity walked out.

    Subsequent press statements too suggest that the vibes between the two actresses is far from cordial, thanks to their presence on different sides of the IPL fence.

    Vested interests are trying to fuel the supposed war. Fortunately the two ladies are not biting the bait.

    Shilpa completely denies making digs at Preity publicly or privately. "Yeah I?ve heard that I?m supposed to have made remarks about Preity. Why would I do that? I really admire the way Preity conducts herself. I?m so new to this whole IPL thing. Just trying to find my way in the whole thing running around getting the nitty-gritty right. The last thing I need is the electronic medium to have a field day pitching two glamorous actresses against one another. Please! Both Preity and I are grown up enough to see through these games."

    Preity admits she has heard that Shilpa has been making uncharitable remarks. "But I refuse to believe that Shilpa is talking against me. We?re mature ladies with more to do than talk against one another."



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