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    Default Preity Zinta returns sad and disturbed from the holy pilgrim town…

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    Preity Zinta found herself in the middle of chaos created by the media while on her pilgrimage to Shirdi. She had gone there for spiritual rejuvenation but came back all sad and deprived, reason: being pushed by the media in the pilgrim town.

    “Good morning! Went to Shirdi yesterday and came back with memories of media pushing me instead of the serene face & energy of Sai Baba,” Preity wrote on her Twitter page.

    She completely owes it to the media for her spoiled trip.

    “In the rut to make anything news, have we forgotten to respect god and someone’s genuine devotion? I fold my hands to the media & request dem 2 Respect us & respect GOD! Not every celebrity goes 2 a temple 4 Tamasha! Some genuinely go 2 pray & 2 disturb them then is BAD KARMA,” she vented out her displeasure.

    “I wonder why temples have become so commercial? Why a temple trustee’s urge to be photographed with a celebrity is entertained by media? In front of god, we bare ourselves and look to purify our soul. Instead of feeling uplifted I came back feeling sad & deprived from Shirdi,” Preity wrote.

    However, Preity also sees a positive side to her failed pilgrimage.
    ...being a human...



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